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UNIQLO LifeWear Jacket Campaign

Introducing UNIQLO's game-changing "LifeWear Jacket" campaign which highlights UNIQLO's versatile and inclusive jacket collection. By showcasing Fluffy Fleece in different settings and with different fashion sensibilities, we were able to attract and engage a wider audience.

Background Strategy Results


UNIQLO, a renowned global fashion retailer established in Japan in 1949, is recognized for its exceptional quality, practicality, and affordable clothing, making it one of the world's most popular and recognizable fashion brands.


To maintain a consistent brand image across a broad range of UNIQLO products, careful selection of models is imperative. Among numerous marketing agencies, VGV is known for its exceptional ability to select the right influencers.


As the winter season approaches, competition for warm coats in the market intensifies. UNIQLO aims to enhance brand exposure and increase sales of their fluffy fleece on social media. This is where VGV steps in to provide a solution.

In order to achieve the best outcome, VGV utilized four different social media approaches that were in line with the Instagram algorithm. VGV carefully selected high-quality KOLs from four different categories: fashion, parent-child, outdoor, and pet. These KOLs try on Fluffy Fleece in various scenarios to showcase the product's quality and to encourage their followers to get Fluffy Fleece as their go-to national jacket.



As a result, when the KOLs included a link to the UNIQLO shopping platform in their stories, VGV successfully managed to drive traffic to the platform.



  • Endorsement by high-quality KOLs, the campaign utilized 4 different social media approaches, resulting in a precise and extensive reach of over 30%.
  • KOLs personally experienced the product, leading to over 47,549 interactions and over 697 comments on their articles!
  • Instagram Stories achieved a click-through rate of 2,200 times!