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Celebrate Sephora Taiwan’s 1st Anniversary

Partnering with local influencers to create authentic content is an incredibly effective strategy for a brand to expand its presence in a foreign country. Sephora serves as a perfect example to support this marketing approach. By collaborating with influential individuals on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, Sephora successfully established trust among Taiwanese customers, which ultimately resulted in remarkable sales growth.

Background Strategy Results


Sephora is a well-known French multinational retailer that specializes in personal care and beauty products. In addition to its retail stores, Sephora also offers a robust online shopping platform, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase products from the comfort of their own homes.


When it first debuted in Taiwan, not many people were aware of it and some may have had trouble navigating the new platform. Sephora reached out to VGV for assistance in increasing brand awareness in the Taiwanese market through authentic influencer reviews.

In order to increase Sephora's brand recognition in the Taiwan market, we chose to partner with Sarah, a popular beauty YouTuber who is also a devoted Sephora fan. We also collaborated with 25 influential beauty Instagrammers to produce authentic content about Sephora across various platforms.



To establish enduring trust with Taiwanese customers, we implemented a forum strategy and partnered with local influencers to showcase the shopping process, answer frequently asked questions, and dispel any concerns about cross-border shopping. Moreover, these influencers also promote discounts and campaigns to encourage app downloads and boost sales growth.


  • Promoted Sephora Taiwan through selected impactful influencers through multiple social channels, generating 130,000 authentic impressions.
  • Created engaging content that generated 4x of average engagement rate.
  • With VGV's forum marketing strategies and influencer endorsement, the campaign successfully increased authentic reviews and discussions in the Taiwan market.