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Forum Marketing

Word of mouth is a crucial marketing strategy that plays a pivotal role in building trust, credibility, and brand loyalty. It revolves around fostering natural conversations and recommendations about a product or company. Word of mouth is widely acknowledged as a highly effective approach in contrast to paid advertisements.

Our Approach

VGV possesses extensive familiarity with netizens on various forums, making it well-versed in employing a natural marketing approach that stimulates genuine discussions and directs audience attention towards product information.

To gain deeper insights into the specific industry, VGV conducted comprehensive market research to examine the prevailing online buzz and the topics being discussed by competing brands. Based on the trending subjects, we will develop relevant topics to ride the wave or address any disputes raised by the audience concerning these brands. Concurrently, we will engage in brand monitoring to identify brand keywords, popular articles, and sources, ensuring that brands stay well-informed about ongoing online discussions and that the outcomes align with expectations.