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Unleash Your Men’s Beauty with GATSBY

Do you know about the kind of handsomeness that cannot be learned in school? We have up to 50 KOC models who are young and have a radiant appearance to show you. Through before and after photos, KOC models fully demonstrate the benefits of GATSBY hair styling products, successfully resonate with the audience and capture their attention.

Background Strategy Results


GATSBY is a brand of men's grooming products provided by Mandom Corp. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, GATSBY offers a range of exquisite fashion, grooming, and lifestyle products that exude timeless charm.

In an effort to further enhance and cultivate its youthful image, GATSBY has formed a strategic partnership with VGV Media Asia for an yearly basis.

In the course of four quarters, a total of four carefully selected products were showcased in four different scenarios, all focusing on the topic of "The type of handsomeness that cannot be learned in school."



Within each main topic, there are four distinct sub-topics. Among them, the one called "What's in my bag" has yielded the greatest results due to its alignment with the current trend.

Carefully selected male high school, college freshmen, basketball players, and sunny KOC models are featured to enhance the brand's youthful and handsome image.

By utilizing before-and-after quality images and reels, the efficacy of the hair styling product can be fully demonstrated. Additionally, incorporating lucky draw activities has significantly boosted campaign interaction, surpassing the engagement levels of previous quarters.



In conjunction with the aforementioned strategies, influencers effectively employed story-based posts with embedded links to promote products, thereby successfully stimulating sales.


  • 53.8% average reach rate of the [What’s in my bag] posts incorporating lucky draw activities is much higher than the industry average reach rate of 12%.
  • By personally experiencing and sharing the discomfort of the stifling heat during summer and after exercising, the posts from Q3 influencers successfully resonate with the audience and grab their attention, resulting in an engagement rate of 22%, which is 10 times of the industry average 2.2% engagement rate.