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PChome Double 11 Shopping Festival with BK Shop

Riding the wave of current events in marketing is like harnessing a favorable wind. The collaboration between PChome 24h, the esteemed brand 韓味不二, and VGV serves as a compelling case study.

Background Strategy Results

The Double 11 Shopping Festival is a highly competitive time for all shopping platforms, with each one pulling out all the stops to capture customers' attention amid a plethora of promotional campaigns. PChome, being the largest shopping platform in Taiwan, is no exception. 

During the festival, PChome's main objective is to drive traffic to their websites and achieve a substantial boost in sales for both PChome 24h and the 韓味不二 brand. To accomplish this, PChome has strategically partnered with VGV to create genuine product reviews featuring popular YouTubers.


The main objective for this campaign is to drive sales growth for both PChome 24h and the 韓味不二 brand during the Double 11 shopping festival. 

To achieve this, VGV has chosen a video format that can provide an effective and immersive experience, encouraging viewers to make a purchase right away. We carefully selected a famous food YouTuber 陪沈團 who is a passionate Korean food lover to create high-quality unboxing and tasting videos of the products. The engaging video leveraged the Squid Game trend, generating extensive comments and discussion.



The YouTuber handpicked a selection of items from 韓味不二 and assembled them into packages priced around NT1000. These enticing packages were featured on a dedicated page, offering free delivery. Impressively, all 10 packages were sold out within 10 days of the video's release.

  • High-quality unboxing and tasting videos of products have earned a large number of comments and discussions from fans, effectively driving conversion rates!
  • Stories generate a large number of impressions and exposure, bringing tens of thousands of interactions and traffic to PChome24h website.
  • 10 packages of selected Korean food are sold out in no time.