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HOLA Lifestyle 8/2 Branding Campaign

Join HOLA’s appeal, conveyed by our carefully selected KOCs, to make small changes in just 20% of your living space and witness the significant transformation of your entire home environment. With 21 KOCs creating curated content, sharing their experiences and insights into the 82 lifestyle concept, the campaign has successfully captivated the audience's attention and sparked their interest in HOLA's products and decorations.

Background Strategy Results

HOLA is a specialized home goods store that focuses on imported brands and sets itself apart from other retailers. HOLA strives to offer a selection of imported goods renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, design aesthetics and high-quality furniture pieces tailored to the climate of Asia.

To further enhance its position as a leading home goods brand, HOLA partnered with Shopping Design to organize an 8/2 lifestyle exhibition. The exhibition featured speeches by skilled craftsmen and offered a range of sensory experiences, including light sculpture, fragrance, floral art, and cuisine.

In addition to media coverage, HOLA collaborated with VGV to promote the exhibition through personal visits by content creators and sharing of their experiences.



By engaging 21 carefully selected KOCs who prioritize visual aesthetics, HOLA effectively communicates the concept and style of the 8/2 lifestyle to the audience. Through Instagram tools such as Carousel Posts and Reels, different corners of the exhibition are showcased in a high-quality manner at various times. Accompanied by text that conveys the core values of the 8/2 lifestyle and reflects their emotional aspirations, they help fans develop a better understanding of the arrangement techniques. This successfully cultivates a sense of longing in the audience, inspiring them to desire a living space similar to what is showcased.



Using interactive Instagram Stories, they evoke a yearning among fans, motivating them to aspire to have a living space akin to the exhibition. Through accompanying text, they encourage the endorsement of the 8/2 lifestyle concept, share the products they have purchased, and inspire others to make small changes in just 20% of their living space, resulting in significant transformations to their entire home environment.



  • Selected influential KOLs captured meticulously designed corners, sharing insights on the 80/20 rule in arrangements, resulting in a high engagement rate of up to 110%.
  • Video tours of the exhibition areas showcased dynamic aspects, generating immense interest in products and decorations, surpassing the number of followers in video views.
  • Carefully curated photo layouts in Instagram Stories enhance exposure, with the highest link click-through rate reaching 1.9%.