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Why do we need to do influencer marketing?

With the ban on third-party cookies, advertising costs have soared. Working with social media influencers can help brands achieve the same level of exposure, engagement, and traffic as traditional advertising, while also delivering an astonishing effect of "building trust" that advertising alone cannot achieve.

How does VGV charge?

As KOLs quote differently, and every brand has different needs, we customize marketing plans according to customers' budgets and needs! Feel free to Talk to us!

How does VGV choose KOLs that will fit my brand?

Before the campaign, we will take client brand image and product features into consideration, and propose KOLs that meet the client’s requirements. EVERYTHING is open to discussion in the process. VGV will make sure your brand finds the right one!

How do you estimate the results?

We figure out the needs and goals of your brand and evaluate the expected results before a campaign starts. At the end of the project, VGV will provide a final report with everything you need, such as reach and interaction rate, to further improve your future campaigns.