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VGV Selected for AppWorks #27: Fostering a Thriving Southeast Asian Influencer Ecosystem

09 - 13 ‧ 2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Today, VGV Media Asia (referred to as VGV) is honored to announce its official selection as part of AppWorks Accelerator Program, the largest startup accelerator in Southeast Asia. Established in 2020, VGV has consistently pursued the vision of creating the largest influential ecosystem in Southeast Asia. After two years of hard work, the team has grown from its initial 2 members to 20, with collaborations with 368 global brands. The reach of influencers has expanded to cover six major markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan. This year, we are fortunate to receive recognition from AppWorks and be selected as a member of AppWorks Accelerator #27. In our third year of operation, we will push even further, working hand in hand with AppWorks to develop better solutions and contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Taiwan and the influential economy in Southeast Asia.

Jill Wang, VGV's Co-founder, stated: "Being selected for AppWorks' not only validates our team's dedication but also marks a pivotal entry into the Southeast Asian market. AppWorks offers us access to regional entrepreneurial resources, invaluable guidance from seasoned mentors, and a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs. These assets will enable us to efficiently harness resources and craft technology products tailored to market needs. We eagerly anticipate a fruitful partnership with AppWorks as we work together to establish Southeast Asia's foremost influencer ecosystem."

About VGV Media Asia: Empowering Brands and Influencers Across Southeast Asia

VGV is committed to cultivating a thriving ecosystem for brands, content creators, and influencers. Leveraging data-driven marketing expertise and a vast network, VGV collaborates with over 600,000 YouTubers, Facebook, Instagram, and other influencers across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan. 

Our comprehensive suite of services includes marketing strategy, creative community planning, influencer matchmaking, and flawless event execution. This empowers FMCG and e-commerce platforms across the Asia-Pacific region, significantly boosting brand visibility and driving revenue growth.


About AppWorks Accelerator: 

Founded in 2009, AppWorks is a leading startup community and venture capital firm built by founders, for founders. AppWorks is committed to backing the next generation of entrepreneurs in Greater Southeast Asia (ASEAN+Taiwan) and helping them facilitate the region's transition into the digital age. Just as how mobile and the internet completely transformed the status quo, AppWorks believes the current era of technology is currently being defined by major three paradigm shifts: AI, Blockchain, and Southeast Asia (ABS). 

As such, whether it's mentorship, investment, or talent, AppWorks has established a one-stop-shop for ambitious founders willing to bet against the consensus and drive a change they want to see in the world. AppWorks helps startups build disruptive businesses from even an inkling of an idea into world-class enterprises through our three primary lines of service: Accelerator, Funds, and School.